Eurus Index interest

Eurus Index Interest Plan

For enlarging the digital asset application scenarios on Eurus blockchain. Every stakeholder is placed important role to develop this economic community. Therefore, Eurus is necessary to customize relevant mechanisms to ensure that every stakeholder of Eurus economic network can also share the fruits of development.

For network participants:

” Eurian”, Eurus has reserved 3.33% of total supplied EUN as index interest reserve. This reserve allows to provide a passive income for every Eurian who support our network. It helps to increase the effectiveness of marginal utility and to maintain the economic activities here at an intense level. Max. interest released 10,944 EUN /DAY.

Eurian only required to deposit not less than 10K EUN to index interest smart contract by Eurus Wallet. Then, the index interest smart contract will be released the return automatically.

Index interest

Any interest income from the reserve will be calculated based on liquidity circulation, and it will help leverage EUN ‘s market price to stabilized the gas fee of Eurus network when EUN stock up situation happened or the substitute elasticity of demand on EUN are changed. Therefore, the interest rate will be able reflect EUN price trend.

Index interest details:

Total Deposit Qty. = Total QTY. EUN of index interest deposit

Release Power = Total QTY. EUN of index interest deposit / Actual EUN market liquidity QTY.

Release index = release power * maximum release index
(The maximum release index is 7.6 which mean max. release 7.6 EUN from interest reserve / min.)

Index Interest return = release index * deposit time (min)

Individual Deposit Qty. = Total individual QTY. EUN of index interest


Eurian A and Eurian B placed the index interest order at the same time through Eurus Wallet. Eurian A deposit 10,000 EUN. Then, Eurian B deposit 12,000 EUN. But Eurian A deposit 24 hour only and Eurian B decides to deposit 48 hours. Let us see how the situation goes differently of the return interest.

Day 1:

Since the market liquidity of EUN is 3,000,000. The Total deposit Qty. is 804,000 EUN. We got 0.268 Release power which resulted to 2.0368 Release index.

Then, Eurian A ‘s index interest return:
2.0368 *  1440 mins / 804,000 * 10,000 EUN = 36.48 EUN

Eurian B ‘s index interest return:
2.0368 *  1440 mins / 804,000 * 12,000 EUN = 43.776 EUN
Both of Eurian A & B ‘s rate of return is 0.365%

Day 2:

At the second day, the market liquidity of EUN have become 2,000,000. Since liquidity token go to node stake product then Total deposit Qty. still is 804,000 EUN. The release power and release index became 0.402, 3.055.

Then, Eurian B ‘s index interest return at the second day will be:
3.055 * 1440 mins / 804,000 * 12,000 EUN = 65.66 EUN
Eurian B ‘s rate of return is 0.547%

By used Eruian B as sample then assumed Total deposit Qty., market liquidity of EUN and Eruian B deposit Qty. ratio equal to day 2.

Estimated Return by deposit 1 month / 30 days: 1,969.8 EUN , APR 197%

* The index interest income will be calculated at a minute rate, not a compound amount.

* Eurus Wallet will be shown the Release Index of previous day.