Eurus Wallet Community Tool

Community Tool is a set of features which assist our merchants or Dapp developers to increase their brand awareness. 


Clickable Banner Placement

Our business partners are able to place their promotion banner to draw attention to a business or an event. The banners are instantly noticeable because they are sizeable and colory enough, which draws the eye. You are also able to insert the landing page link to direct potential users or customers to your website. It is a cost-effective marketing tool.

 You are able to execute this function at your Merchant Admin account.


Smart Campaign Creator

Thanks for blockchain technology, you are able to create smart vouchers or coupons which allow your customers to use the smart voucher automatically after transaction. Or benefit other digital asset when they do the payment. It is definitely a user friendly and cost efficiency way to stimulate sales volume, increase customer loyalty, top up or re-purchased regularly.



Airdrop is an extensive marketing campaign to generate publicity interest of the company. It can be useful to increase initial audience discussion about a project. It is always a low-cost advertising at blockchain project. It is also an excellent way to build a community of your business or project.

Eurus Wallet Instant message

Our in-app instant message is to ensure that all text messages are end-to-end encryption. Our developers built this program specifically for sending and receiving self-destructing messages. Users are allowed to set an expiration time, or the app erases messages forever by default as soon as the recipient reads them. Eurus IM will disable the screenshots on mobile devices while IM is open.