Eurus Merchants Integration is a set of open-source code which is available for traditional online merchants. No matter you are running a e-commerce business, or online entertainment industries, adopting cryptocurrency as a payment method can enhance your customer experience and expand your consumer base by offering more choices at the checkout.

Benefits of digital asset in your business

Enlarger markets: Utilising digital asset opens up a broader market of consumers across the world.

User experience: Digital asset data is stored within complex encrypted networks. This makes the data very difficult to breach or hack.

Reduce cost: By using Eurus payment gateway, you will find the service fee is significantly less than PayPal or Credit Card providers, etc.

Unleashed a plethora of smart machines: Transaction over the blockchain without any middleman, who may withdraw the funds without your consent.

Speedy payment time: Eurus gives you instant access to funds which helps streamline your businesses cash flow.

Administration system

After integrated Eurus payment gateway, you will get a free admin account which is your best partner to prepare the business analysis report.

Dashboard: Instant insights through our merchant dashboard to get a complete view of how the funds flows through your business – payment in to payment out data on every transaction.

Download by your selection: Uncover trends and opportunities with a complete view of data throughout the payment lifecycle.

Want to learn more other Eurus powerful supportive tool?

Eurus Explorer: You and your customers always sync with the transaction status.

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