EUN token is a digital asset built for seamless crypto transfer Eurus Economy network which provide a seamless crypto transfer environment. It is open source blockchain network, permissionless and decentralized blockchain technology that can settle transactions in 1 minute. Unlike with other network token, it also is the certificate on Eurus economy contribution.

EUN are Eurus based tokens which are NOT ERC-20 tokens. Do not send any EUN to Ethereum address otherwise it may lost indefinitely.


Use of EUN Token

  1. Gas Fee 
  2. Financial Product
  3. Nodes Stake
  4. Payment Gateway settlement 
  5. Payment Coins
  6. Publish In-app Advertisement 



EUN ‘s tokenomics is defined as lock-up and burn model. It allow to preserve liquidity, maintain market stability and create value by deflation. During the lock-up period EUN are not allow to transfer out from the wallet besides of executing on advertisement and promotion events. By use of lock-up policy to control EUN market real-time supply, enhance the efficiency of Gas fee. Unlike most of burn model, EUN will be burnt by executing on advertisement and promotion events. It directly reflects the economy maturity level of Eurus ecosystem to balance the network traffic which are correlated with the EUN value. The maximum burn quantity will be 20,000,000 EUN.


Issuing & Distribution

Maximum supply: 600 Million

Founder Team

1.67% of total supply of EUN will be held by Eurus founder team to sustain Eurus development. 3M EUN have lock-up at Founder Node eternity. And 7M will be reserved for network maintenance. 


There are total 130,000,000 of EUN are available to the general public.

Beside of 130M initial public release and 10M founder team token held. The rest of 460M EUN locked by smart contract and will be only released to public by trigger an event.

Node Stake

There are 66.67% of total issued EUN are locked by smart contract as the block generated reward. Each reward block will be trigger to released 3 EUN at every 2 seconds. It will distributed to 21 nodes evenly. Every 4 year the released quantity will be halved.

Index Interest Reserve

There are total 20,000,000 of EUN are reserve as interest. This financial interest reserve is the passive income for all Eurian. The interest APR is applied to the  the token liquidity methodology, it is the parameter on the demand of EUN  and the Eurus ‘s economic activities.

Any Eurian who sent at least 10,000 EUN to our financial interest smart contract then will be gain index interest from the reserve. Max. release 10,944 EUN / day. 


Dapp /  Merchant Incubation Fund

In order to encourage pioneering developers, we have reserve 20,000,000 EUN which means 3.33% of total supply of the token as Dapp incentive. For the purpose to support developer sustain their research and return on their efforts, the incentive have divided into 3 different form. 

1. Launchpad Program

Launchpad program are targeting to encourage the new Dapp project. Every Dapp which is first launched on Eurus will get 10,000 EUN which equivalent with 1000 USD.

2. Gas fee incentive

Gas fee incentive are targeting to reward the Dapp developer / Merchant account who is leading their users to contributed the highest total Gas Fee on Eurus. Total 69,000 EUN will be released as reward to the top 10 Dapp / Merchant account developers at each week.

Gas fee incentive calculation:

3. Community incentive

Community incentive are targeting to sustain the motivation of Dapp developer / Merchant account on their ecosystem. Total 48,200 EUN will be released as reward to the top 10 at each week who have the highest number of transaction account / wallet.

Community Incentive calculation:


Rules of Dapp incubation Fund:

Any Dapp that falsify data are not included in this incubation model. We will disqualify any Dapp whose activity is found to be manipulated.

Eurus reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at our sole discretion.

All Incentives will be given out in EUN.

The launchpad program reward only will be released after the Dapp successes available the pubic on Eurus and the reward will be sent within 24 hours.

All incentive / reward will be sent to registered Eurus wallet of Eurus network.

All (2,3) incentive /  reward will be sent within 24 hours after ends date according the incentive calculation.

All (2,3) incentive /  reward have 2 month lock-up period, but not applied to execute advertisement and promotion events by Eurus system tools.

Note: Data collection begins at 00:00 every Monday (UTC) and ends at 23:59 every Sunday (UTC). 


Marketing Fund

A total of 20,000,000 EUN as marketing fund for our supportive Eurian. (Eurus Wallet User)


Hey, Eurian Reward!

15% of total, 3,000,000 EUN are rewarded to the new registered Eurian who with different level of KYC. Estimated the first 2 million Eurian will share this reward. 

Deposit Mission Reward:

Completed register a centralized account and received asset on Eurus network will be rewarded 0.5 EUN

Created or imported a decentralized account and received asset on Eurus network will be rewarded 0.2 EUN

KYC Mission Reward:

Completed and approved KYC level 1 /  KYC level 2 will be rewarded  0.5 EUN -1 EUN Coming Soon!

Eurian ‘s Economic Contribution Fund! Coming Soon!

70% of total, 14,000,000 EUN are used for rewarding the Eurian who make the contribution on the economic activities. The Economic Contribution Fund will spread out in 3 years.

Eurian ‘s Special Welfare! Coming Soon!

15% of total, 3,000,000 EUN are used as periodic welfare for special events. Related events will be announced by Instant message at Eurus Wallet.

Rules of Special welfare will be adjusted according to individual events.