Important Announcement

We would like to inform you that Eurus network‘s founder team has made a milestone decision, which is to redevelop our interoperability bridge protocol for adapting to the upcoming blockchain environment. Therefore, it is required to stop our service to eliminate any user’s asset risk. The effective date will be on 17th Jan 2023 (GMT+0). After that date, Eurus network will no longer offer any on-chain transaction and wallet asset management service until further announcement.

Below is a courtesy reminder to all Eurus network users:
1)      All assets capable of another blockchain network like ERC-20 etc., must withdraw before 17th Jan 2023 (GMT+0).
2)      Eurus decentralized/ non-custodial wallet users must back up your seed phrase and keep it in a safe place.
3)      All Eurus block status and transaction records will be no longer to provide after 17th Jan 2023 (GMT+0).

I would like to thank all Eurus users and dApp developers for supporting this decision!

If you have any enquiries in respect of withdrawal transaction, you may contact us through